Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm thinking...I'm thinking...

This blog has been on my mind quite a bit over the last several days. With only (now) two entries, I can't imagine that it's interesting to anyone but me. What I can't quite put my finger on is how much of me I want to put out there. Like most netheads, I zip in and out of the blogosphere. Some blogs I like for the sexual content, including men whose lives read just as good as porn. Other blogs, like My Confessions, which I follow religiously, attract me because the author, Bigg, puts so much of himself right out there - a great story, an interesting life and wonderful writing.

So, I'm conflicted about what to put out there. I live in Washington, DC and while I'm openly gay, one of my jobs is with an organization that can sometimes get a bit touchy if those two facets of my life get too close to one another. So, I'm still thinking. I don't want to bore people (both of you), nor am I particularly interested in providing yet another place for pictures of naked boys, videos, or news of the day (although that's a distinct possibility every now and again)

In the meantime, and so you don't have to endure too much of my thought process, some Firethorne Facts:

This is a firethorn (note that there is no "e" on the end):

The official name is Pyracantha (which may become the new name of this blog before too long - I just like the sound of it).

Why Firethorn? Although I'm not active, I'm still a card-carrying member of Washington's
Radical Fairies An organization best described visually, but gay hippies is probably not far off the mark.

Back when I was preparing to leave my 23-year relationship, I met the man who was running the fairie circle here in DC and we spent an afternoon at the National Arboretum (a great place if you're visiting DC - off the beaten path...way off). Anyway, the tradition with fairies is that everyone gets a fairie name, usually based on some aspect of personality, a funny event, or a talent (my fairie boyfriend was "Kirby" - men of a certain age will get the reference). Anyway, I saw Firethorn, liked it, and christened myself.
For some reason, the word didn't look complete so I added the "e" on the end - my first stab at fairie fabulousness. We'll talk about the coral baby doll nighty another time . . .

Okay. Looks like we have a start here.

Time for me to get to work. Oh yes, my other job, the one not so sensitive about the gay issue is with an organization deeply impacted by the current financial mess. Sometimes it's like going to work in a funeral parlor . . . which might actually be preferable.

On the other hand, I have a job and I try to be pretty big on the grateful thing.

Good day to all!