Friday, October 24, 2008

Hot Guy(s) Friday!

Ours is a youth obsessed culture. Almost everything these days is geared toward the 16-30 crowd - advertisements, fashion, food, entertainment, cellphones - you name it.

Well, that's just fine. I'll eat a nice Twinky any day. I worked on a college campus for a couple of years and discovered that what they say about young men in the 18-25 bracket is true: they are at their prime with skin like silk, long lean bodies, and eyelashes that cast shadows on their cheeks. I had to keep my briefcase in front of me when the spring weather broke and they shed their winter clothes.

But (and this is a big but), there is something to be said for maturity. For graying hair and eyes that have not only seen a lot of life, but know life. For skin changed from smiling and bodies that carry wisdom along with an extra pound or two. Trust me, there is a difference in the touch of a man of years versus that of a boy with enthusiasm.

This week's google man search was "Silver Fox." Enjoy

British Swimmer, Mark Foster

Hunky Actor, Richard Gere

American Idol, Taylor Hicks

The Late Great Ed Bradley
Host, 60 Minutes

Some photos courtesy The Silver Feast